Dazzlin Daizy is an independent COSMETIC and HAIR retailer, specially created for women of colours with a mission to fulfill the pride of womanhood by ‘making beauty look better’. All our products have been designed with you in mind to bring you high quality products that works!

Dazzlin Daizy Cosmetics are cruelty free and made with the very best raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques – plant oils and extracts, micronizied pigments, non-comedogenic ingredients that are petroleum and mineral oil free.

Our Picture Perfect Foundation is a ‘talk in town’ product that gives a fresh look when applied.

Our Flawless Dual Foundation Powder has a silky texture with Microsponge technology that absorbs excess skin oils while preventing water loss, ideal for both oily and dry skin.

Our Age Defying Dermabrasion cream is one of the best products that renews and reduces the appearance of wrinkles on your skin each time you use it.

Ladies STANDS OUT from the crowd with our 100% Extremely Bouncy easy to maintain HUMAN HAIR.

Our Best Selling BOLD and BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY MILK is a UNIQUE brightening milk that provides deep-down moisture so your skin looks brighter, radiant, smoother and more beautiful than ever.

Have a look around our website, where you will find all the products that you need, from hair to  powder and foundations to skin care.

We aim to make your online purchasing as simple as possible.

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For more information feel free to contact our customer service team on ddcosmetics@yahoo.co.uk or info@ddcosmetics.co.uk